Student Reflections – William Mann

Sydney is Expensive. Meals are hard to come by in The Rocks for less than $20 and even soft drinks will often be $5. But a short walk will find you great food at much more reasonable prices and we were learning our way around the city. Be prepared with cash, because many places have a high minimum bill for using credit cards or add fees for using them. People are very friendly here and the only obnoxious people I’ve noticed have been other tourists. The accents are not as thick as I was anticipating, or maybe I just got used to them. Anyway, it didn’t sound like “Crocodile Dunee” where I was.

The organized events for us were planned very well and I still had opportunity to get the major things done that I wanted to on my own. We hung out on the beaches at Manly and Bondi; we ate ’Roo on the roof of the hostel with fantastic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, and visited the Taronga Zoo which exhibited the best variety of native and non-native wildlife. I had a ride on the Monorail which is slated to be taken down in June of this year. I walked through the Royal Botanic Gardens which were opened in 1816.

Lastly, I would like to thank Professor Dervan (Anne & Dalton included), Carol Manis, Judi Ray, Billie Donas, and everyone else who helped to plan this amazing trip. Everything went so well and I would highly recommend this trip to anyone with the opportunity to take it. There’s hardly a better way to use three elective hours.

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