Student Reflections – Thomas Drysdale

I can’t believe we head home already tomorrow. This has been the experience of a lifetime and I am just not ready to leave. Visiting the Australian courts was one of the most interesting things we have done on this trip. We were able to visit with an Australian judge and discuss how the court system is different in Australia, but the most interesting part was actually seeing the differences at work. The traditional robes and wigs are still worn over here, so it was fairly comical. The hearsay objection also appears to be non-existent in this country. When a telephone conversation was introduced into evidence 2 people stood up and read it to the court as if they were reading a script; it was definitely different than anything I have seen in U.S. courts.

​We also had the opportunity to take a day trip into the Blue Mountains. After some early morning fog, the view was absolutely stunning. We were able to ride cable cars through the mountains and take pictures of the famous 3 Sisters rock formation. We were also treated to an aborigional performance that I became a part of. I found out that I have mad kangaroo skills #hopsohard. I’m sure there will be a video to follow.
​We spent another entire day at Bondi Beach on our last full day here and I can tell you I’m not sorry about it. Bondi Beach is literally the most amazing place I have ever been and my favorite part of this trip. Hitting some of the biggest waves in the world with views that can’t be beat is something I am going to miss so much. I could spend every day on that beach and not be mad.

​Tonight is our last night out in Australia and I have mixed feelings. I am happy to have one more night, happy to give my pocket book a rest, and happy to see my friends and family again. However, I am not happy about leaving this amazing place. I don’t know how we will send off Sydney, but I’m guessing it will be great. #champagnedanceparty.

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