Student Reflections – Veronika Jones

“My Job Is Cooler Than Yours”

On Monday, we visited the US Consulate office. While there, we listened to officers of the IRS, NCIS, DSS, and met the Consulate General. It was simply incredible to hear them speak about their job duties, job placement, and job satisfaction. One person after the other seemed more excited to tell us how much they loved their jobs, and how much they believe in what they do. For them, it seemed like they truly believed they were making a difference for the United States, even though they are halfway around the world. And, even though they all sounded like dream jobs, the Consulate General was the best of all. He’s travelled the world as an ambassador. Now he lives in Australia, where he oversees the other officers and looks out a plush office (I’m imagining) with the finest view of the city.

On Tuesday, we heard from a man at the accounting firm of Ernst & Young. He was simply fascinating. He talked to us about his interviewing techniques toward potential corporate fraud & theft persons. The sheer amount of money and clients that he deals with on a regular basis is astounding. I got a sense that not only did he love his job, but he was good at it. And all the while he’s living in Australia, looking out a plush office (again, I’m imagining), with an excellent view of the city.

On Wednesday, we met with a female attorney at the law firm of Baker & McKenzie. She loaded us with information about the comparisons of the US v. Australia with regards to potential white collar crime risk, as well as how each country pursues (or in Australia’s case—not to pursue) white collar crime cases. She’s been practicing law for many years, and is obviously very successful (otherwise she wouldn’t be working for a multi-million dollar law firm). She’s lived in Australia working on international investigations for 10 years, looking out of a plush office, and, you guessed it—there’s an awesome view.

Certainly, during this trip it has become apparent that international white collar crime & investigations has a multitude of exciting career paths. And, if you play your cards just right, you might even get lucky enough to be placed in Australia, in a corner office with a view. #dreamjobs

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