Student Reflections – Kevin Born

On this trip it’s become clear that it is important to do what you love and where you do it. Uniformly the people we’ve spoken to all have the best job in the world in their opinion and none of them would trade it for the world. The other thing that is quite clear is that you can’t put a price on happiness (though if you could Sydney would have the highest prices for it). The cost of the trip pales in comparison to the experiences we’ve had. We’ve learned so much about a country we knew so very little of before and getting to know about Australia has taught me a lot about our own country. Not only is the world shrinking and becoming increasingly globalized, but it has been interconnected since the English landed here in 1788. The American revolution and colonization spurred the British to find another place to ship their unwanted and low and behold we have Australia. Today, perhaps we’re still seeing the unwanted (meanings criminals) travel to this part of the world as corporate fraud investigation thrives down under. Whatever the situation, I’m glad the convicts made it to this continent so that we have the privilege of being here in Sydney, one of the most fascinating and beautiful places I’ve ever been, and I hope they continue to come here so I too will have a chance to love hunting white collar thieves and revel in the joy of breaking their spirit and getting a confession. #convictlife #bennelong #yesiknowourhostelishistoricallysignificant

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