Student Reflections – Kyle Boehmer

I have only been is Sydney for two days and doubt the ability of this city to keep on exceeding our expectations. After a gruelling flight and a rather hectic customs experience…. we finally arrived. I would without a doubt endure it all again knowing what I know now. The city itself is impressive as its sheer size is overwhelming. A few of us spent our first day at the zoo, which consists of a few hundred acres dug out on cliffs overlooking the bay. As if it wasn’t enough to see a Platypus, Koala, Kangaroos and a sleeping Tasmanian devil – the views from the cliffs over the city were breathtaking.

After a few hours at the zoo we boarded our ferry across the bay and spent some time having RR on our roof top lounge. Our rooftop literally has an ocean front view of the Opera House to the right and the Sydney Harbour Bridge to our left. We met fellow travellers from Perth and England. The ladies from Perth joined us for dinner. The rest of the night consisted of a shared desire for Australian spirits with our friends from Perth.

We awoke the next morning at 6am to take part in the Sri Chinmoy 4K at Iron Cove. Iron Cove is a rather affluent suburb of Sydney – and it is where I one day hope to live. We arrived at a public park set right on the water. There were probably around 300 runners split between the 4k, 7k and 14k races. Our very own Drew Vicary took home the overall 3rd place medal for the 4k. It was fun, we had matching T-shits and the weather couldn’t be more perfect.

Following a pancake breakfast, we enjoyed the local markets and went to the Museum of Sydney and the Justice and Police Museum. The Justice and Police Museum was fascinating. We saw former court rooms and were placed in former prisoner holding cells. We learned about the advancements in Sydney’s forensic sciences as well as the destruction of its innocence with its first homicides. Our tour guide was one of the already plentiful examples of Australian hospitality.

After a busy evening – we embarked on a most unforgettable evening. We had our welcome dinner at a local and intimate eatery. We sampled Kangaroo, Crocodile and Emu. Emu was my favourite… rather similar to venison. We sat outside and took in the evolving nightlife of the historic Rocks district.

We then took a short walk to the Sydney Opera House. Prof. Dervan had arranged a breathtaking spot on the bay. Neither pictures, nor words could ever do justice to last night. Thousands of Australians and international visitors all gathered at the Opera House Bar to take in the view. As the water crashed against the bay walls and the sun set over the bridge we could only help but think that we were dreaming. We took turns laying down on concrete lounges only to see the glow of the iconic Opera House and an array of stars over the water.

We remained late into the evening… unable to break free of the city’s captivating spell of enchantment.

As we begin day three of our adventure, I remain captivated…

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