Student Reflections – Eric Wilber

So, yesterday was my 25th Birthday, and it was amazing to spend it in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. I was here once before 3 years ago, but only had a couple of days to explore it with my family. This time was a lot different and more fun.

We started out early in the morning to do a 4k run for charity. While not much of a runner, I ran half of it and walked the rest with a huge pile of pancakes waiting at the finish line. After showering and getting ready, we went out on the town for lunch. Last time I was here, we stopped at a German restaurant called Lowenbrau, which has some of my favorite beer from Munich. Had a great bratwurst and half liter of German beer and good times with friends, then went through a market that Sydney has every weekend and bought some souvenirs.

We then met up at the Museum of Sydney for a tour and then went to the Justice & Police museum, which was really interesting. Our tour guide was a fun guy, and had a random guy join our tour as a “second” guide. It was fascinating to see an old Aussie courtroom and all of the different police items from Australian history.

Then, we went to eat right by our hostel at the Australian Hotel, which has amazing pizzas with any kind of topping you want. And by that, I mean kangaroo, emu, crocodile, and surf and turf. After the delicious meal, we went to the Sydney Opera House bar to see the sunset over the city. It was an amazing end to a birthday, drinking bottles of wine with good friends overlooking the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. We spent several hours taking in the scenery and southern sky, drinking some wine, and having a great time with friends.

All in all, it was an amazing way to spend 25 times around the sun, and definitely want to make it here again for another birthday in the future! Cheers, mates!

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